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  People love magic. People love to see something done in front of them that they just can't explain. It is an exhilarating feeling having a bit of magic occur very close to you or even in your own hands. 
  Restaurant owners and managers, in Toronto and around the world rely on a magicians abilities to quiet overly energetic children and distract guests attentions during busier hours where delays are almost inevitable.

  Corporate employers call upon the skills of magicians to motivate their staff during team building events. Seasonal or celebratory times of the year are also a unique way for employers to show their staff their appreciation with a magic show during a staff event.

  Moms and Dads for decades have employed the skills of magicians and children's entertainers for their children's birthday parties and other important events in their families' growth.

  I've been performing close up, slight of hand magic for over 20 years in Toronto Ontario and abroad. I've spent years entertaining and performing with my particular magical skill set and in my experience, a good magician is an invaluable addition to any event or celebration.

  From small gatherings of people, to large corporate events, having a magician present to entertain and interact with people leaves lasting memories and fantastic feelings of an enjoyable experience.

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